What Is Over Saturated?

A New Website for South African Creatives

I started writing this on a Thursday night, I had just performed at an Open Mic Night and I had some inspiration to write the first official post on Over Saturated, so I did so. To a certain extent that in and of itself is the purpose of Over Saturated – for people to create what inspires them. I am a writer who works a full-time job and has a variety of other passions that I am pursuing. Some of those include podcasting, making funny videos and writing. One of the struggles that I have come across is that there are not that many opportunities for South African creatives to explore what stories they truly want to tell. To create whatever content they want to create, no boundaries or corporate agenda. Simply telling original stories for the sake of telling stories.

Added to that, many South African storytellers, creatives, creators or whichever word you prefer do not have the space or the knowledge to promote what they are doing online. Fortunately I have experience that has provided me with the knowledge to help promote that content to an online audience. I want to use that knowledge to help other creatives. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am also creating this website to grow my own audience for what I create.

Different Sections on Over Saturated

That is where Over Saturated comes in. This is now going to be the website where I post my own personal blogs, as a storyteller that is the writing that I am currently doing. So if you are a South African blogger and want a space to promote your blog or a space to just write, you can write here. So if you want to drive more readers to your blog, you can use this site as a basis for extra promotion. That is something that people usually charge for, I’m not going to do that. South African storytelling is more important than that.

Then I also have a podcast called Not Really Radio. It is a podcast with a very South African flavour to it. That I am now going to be writing a short piece to go with every episode and post those episodes here. If you are a South African podcaster yourself and you want to promote your podcast. There is a whole podcast section where you can do so.

If you are a musician or writer interested in music, the music section will be where those conversations will take place. As a music writer you can take the angle that you want to when talking about the music that you want to talk about.

There is also a sports section for any aspiring sports writers. Additionally I am going to be looking at an academic section where think pieces and more research based arguments can be posted.

If you are South African creative that makes videos and you want a space to promote those that is outside of Youtube or Vimeo. I have made this website with the hope of providing for that.

The Current Sections on Over Saturated

  • Blogs
  • Film
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Sport
  • Video

Essentially my deepest hope for this website is to see South African people having the freedom to create things that they really care about and want to be making. Right now this is all going to be running with no money. I am not worried about making money for myself but eventually I would like this to develop into a space where creators can get paid to make what they love.

If you like my blogs or my podcasts, please keep supporting them, this site will be a place you can do so. If you don’t mind please share it as well. It is one of the most valuable ways that we can support local creatives without it costing us anything. I really appreciate every listener of Not Really Radio and every reader of my blogs. It means the most to me to know people engage with what I am doing.

If you are a creator and you want to get involved please do let me know! You can do so by just finding me anywhere on the socials or by dropping an email on the contact us page.

Tyrone Fisher

The creator of Over Saturated. An entrepreneur, storyteller and thinker.