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A Website for African Content Creators

Over Saturated is an African user-generated content (UGC) website. In normal terms, the website is a blog platform for African creators to post content they have created.

We want to create a community of African writers, video creators and podcasters. A community to create and to engage with what is created.

It is free to join and at this point all content is free to read, watch or listen to. If you do want to support financially, you can donate here.

We are all about encouraging African creatives to tell the stories that they want to tell, how they want to tell them.


How can I join Over Saturated?

There are three options for you to join Over Saturated. You can join as a subscriber, contributor or as an author. You can see more details on the Join page.

How can I create content?

It’s simple, register a profile as a contributor, then go to Your Posts and you can create a post there.

What restrictions are there to contributing?

We try to create as few restrictions as possible, but we do feel we need to have some rules. There are two simple rules:

1) No explicit content. i.e. pornographic or violent imagery.
2) No derogatory language towards any person or group will be tolerated.

Why do you only take African creators?

There are enough spaces for people outside of Africa to create content. The internet is a western dominated space, the goal of Over Saturated is to create a space for African viewers by African creators.

How can I support?

If you are content creator, simply by signing up and creating content you are helping a lot. You can sign-up as a subscriber to engage with the creators, and you can donate here.

I have another question…

If you have any questions that are not answer here or on the Join Over Saturated page. Feel free to send an email to oversaturatedza@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon possible.