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A Free Blogging Platform in South Africa

Blogging platform meaning

A free blog platform refers to a website or app where you can create an account, write, publish and share your blog posts. 
A blog refers to written and visual content online. It often refers to a website but can also refer to an individual’s writing pieces hosted on a platform.

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A blogging platform like Medium (but for Africa)

Over Saturated is intended to create a space for African writers where as time progresses payment is possible. There are blogging platforms like Medium that exist, however, a major issue with that platform is that payment is not available in Africa. The goal of our blogging platform is to fill that gap. 

We are currently a small platform, but as we grow we hope to ensure that African writers and creators are able to earn money for their efforts. Our free blogging platform is currently based in South Africa but plans to expand across Africa.

A free blogging platform to earn money

Our platform is free to join and free to write on. When you grow your audience on the platform, you will increase your likelihood of earning money through your blog posts. 

In order to earn through the platform, you will need to join as an author, which will provide you access to a few services. We will share all author posts on our social media platforms and you will be added to our authors page where subscribers can donate to you as an author.

What is the benefit of an existing free blog platform over creating a new blog site?

Using platforms like WordPress or Wix to create your own blog site work well, however, they require you to be able to design your website, to manage your website consistently and to market your platform. Writing on a free blog platform like Over Saturated takes a few of those issues away. This means that you can focus solely on your writing without having to learn how to make a website. You will also have a support system that can help you grow your audience further. 

Joining our blogging platform

You can join the blogging platform for free by signing up as a contributor or you sign-up as an author to start earning.

Simply create a profile and start writing! 



  • Comment on posts
  • Get added to mailing list



  • Comment on posts
  • Get added to mailing list
  • Gain access to create content on the platform



  • Comment on posts
  • Get added to mailing list
  • Gain access to create content on the platform
  • Get added to the authors page
  • Gain access to promotion through the platform
  • Gain access to readers donations