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Becoming a member of Over Saturated

Thank you for wanting to join Over Saturated. Our goal is to encourage African creatives to tell the stories that they want to tell, how they want to tell them. Africa has a vast pool of talent when it comes to content creation. Many of these creators either have to fit a certain mould or pass through certain gatekeepers before having the freedom to create their own content. We want to change that.

There are three ways you can help change that. You can do so by joining Over Saturated as a Subscriber, as a Contributor or as an Author.

Join as Subscriber

When you join Over Saturated as a subscriber you will be helping support African content creators. As a subscriber you will be able to comment on posts, and engage with the content creators on the website. In addition to this you will be added to our mailing list, where we will keep you up to date with the latest posts on the website from your favourite creators.

You can also support African creators by donating.

Join as Contributor

When you join Over Saturated as a contributor, you will have access to create and post your own articles on the website.

There are 3 sections you can contribute to: blogs, podcasts and videos. The topic you create on can be whatever you like, in whatever language you like, from Xhosa to Swahili.

The only rules are the following:

  1. No explicit content. i.e. pornographic or violent imagery.
  2. No derogatory language towards any person or group.

Join as Author

As an Author, you will be able to post and create your own articles, with a few extra benefits. You will have access to our editing team for your posts, we will promote your work on the Over Saturated social profiles and you will be able to upload your own media.

If you want to join as an Author, please send an email to

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