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CGL Cricket Head Coach Wandile Gwavu inspiring coaches at the Gauteng KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminar

Imperial Lions coach Wandile Gwavu knows all about the importance of KFC Mini-Cricket

He started his cricket career as a Mini-Cricket player and has gone through the ranks as a junior coach, a Gauteng U19 coach for successful team in the Coca-Cola Khaya Majola weeks. Now he has progressed all the way to coaching a very powerful Central Gauteng squad.

He speaks to the coaches about his journey and he encourages the coaches by telling them that the sky is the limit.

Wandile has been in their position and through education, hard work and dedication he has reached his current position for the Central Gauteng Lions.

He knows that without the many coaches in the KFC Mini-Cricket program he will not have all the players that he currently has. Even his new crop of players like SA U19 captain Bryce Parsons started playing cricket through KFC Mini-Cricket.

Wandile gives the coaches some basic advice to motivate them to continue to coach the kids and to continue with their programs. He also tells them that they need to look at the cricketer as an individual and grow the individual and not just focus on the sport.

Following a long hiatus brought about by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, KFC and Cricket South Africa (CSA) are getting ready to launch the new cricket season by hosting virtual KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminars throughout the month of October, across the 16 Provincial Unions.

The annual KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminars are an important part of planning for the season ahead and the virtual environment will lay the foundation for the return of play once government gives the go ahead, hopefully early in the new year.

CSA’s Mass Participation Coordinator, Buhle Motshegoa, speaks about what Cricket South Africa’s plans are for the new season. She sets the standard that is expected from all of the regions and from the nation as a whole.

Cricket South Africa would like the country to play 80 000 matches from when school starts in January until the easter Holidays in April. On the 20th February KFC and Cricket South Africa would like over 5000 matches to be played over the country.

It is time for the kids to get active again.

KFC CSI Manager, Andra Ferreira Nel, congratulated the unsung heroes of the program, that is the coaches, for the amazing work that they have done in the past seasons and asks them to send through their human interest stories so that the nation can see what they do to help kids all over the country.

The KFC Mini-Cricket programme introduces children to the game and is one of South Africa’s biggest grassroot sports development programmes. It is critical foundation stage in the development of South Africa’s future cricketing heroes and is the first phase in CSA’s ‘pipeline to the Proteas’.

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