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Writing, Vodka, Dentures and Duckduckgo – Stories are Everywhere

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My day began with a quick google search, like all creatives. Both a distraction and an enduring term. I use; drum roll please – wait for it – Duckduckgo. Yes, all 62 and a bit of me knows exactly what that is.

I have a nephew who said, “Aunty Sandy you are so smart.” He didn’t say smart, he looked at me with his eyes wide open, and I mean really wide. Shock, horror I have to see my aunt a little differently now. She knows some things.

This nephew is right at the top of the creative stockpile. He knows a few things. He has worked on the effects of a few international block busters.

It was such a simple search. How to clean dentures naturally. Yep you heard right, dentures. Let me say this more correctly I have one middle tooth on a denture plate. Perfectly matched by the dental technician to my greyish brown teeth. Nobody would ever know that this new tooth is not 50 years old.

My dental plate is not because of age, but because I stupidly got into a fight at nine years old and lost my front tooth. I could write a short story ‘The Life of Sandy’s Root Canal.

My life changed when I discovered biological dentistry. I discovered that amalgam fillings and root canals are literally the pits. They cause all sorts of diseases; luckily, I am writing the blog so that’s not up for discussion. You can Duckduckgo it and check the two sides to the story.

Like most root canals mine got infected. This was not the first time. This time though nobody said there would be Covid and hard lockdown. My biological dentist is 40 minutes away from where I live.

Long story short, I braved roadblocks and very quiet roads to go and have the tooth pulled and the denture measured and fitted.

The reason for the search on Duckduckgo was to see if I could clean this denture naturally. Every Creative or wannabe creative knows to get all the distractions out of the way.

The very first article I read said use VODKA. I did not have to search any further. Vodka is the perfect fit. But the love of my life who is a trained doctor and my pseudo proofreader, or the only person who believes a little in my writing ability disagreed. He thinks linear or is it horizontally, basically in a straight-line kind of way. You know how you were taught to write essays at school beginning, middle, end. He remembers.

He was interested in what the rest of the article said. Here I will list them linearly just like the good doctor prescribed:

  • Denture Cleaner using Vodka
  • Denture Cleansing Solution using Baking Soda and Peroxide
  • Homemade Denture Cleaner using Bleach
  • White Vinegar Solution for Cleaning Dentures
  • Natural Denture Cleaner Using White Vinegar to Avoid Bad Breath.

Back to the Vodka. Only a journalist gives away everything in the first paragraph. Reason being most of us only read the first paragraph of any news story. Though interesting and amusing, ways to clean dentures and vodka is not the point, but because I write with a muddled-up brain the point, particularly for creatives who get side-tracked is in the last paragraph. It’s not linear, or horizontal and the only thing it has in common with beginning, middle and end. Is the end. The point is always at the end.

Vodka can be a bit tasteless, but I am that person that asks for a decaf, irish coffee with vodka instead of whisky and no sugar.  Vodka as we all know is a sugarless drink. Why vodka? I bow to the keto gods. It works. Duckduckgo it; rather YouTube it every keto person has their story there.

If the keto and biological dentistry are boring you, stick with the vodka. I had been working on the Memoir I am trying to write and remembered that I had to duckduckgo how to clean my denture. Everyone knows when you get serious about writing, distractions fill the gaps. If there is any point to this blog it would be don’t be hard on yourself about the distractions, stories are everywhere. Just write them.

  • PS Decaf Irish Coffee please
  • PSS with Vodka
  • PSSS I am off to drink a glass of South Hill Rosé

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