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Here’s a Blog About Playing Your Options Romantically – Inspired by Episode 6 of Not Really Radio

Over the last few months I have had some interesting experiences and conversations surrounding the topic covered in episode 6 of Not Really Radio. That topic, is what we call ‘the game’. The game is essentially pursuing someone that you potentially want to date. A common theme of the game that I discovered is how people play their options romantically. I want to write against that.

I am writing of my own volition, so it does not necessarily represent the views of Not Really Radio. This post does, however, represent the views of Tyrone Fisher. That was an inside joke about working in radio that I basically made with myself, so if you got it, I’m proud. If not, don’t even worry. I did want to clarify that though, because I am about to take a strong position.

In the Episode I tell Miv that I believe that playing our options in terms of romantic relationships, is evil, wrong and that I don’t have time for it. Please listen to the episode to hear a less dogmatic opinion on that topic.

Here is the thing, a good and healthy relationship is a good thing. However, singleness is also a good thing. Both should be celebrated. What playing our options does is this, it does not allow us to enjoy being single nor does it prepare us for a healthy relationship. What happens when we play our options is that we hurt ourselves and others, while not appreciating the goodness that does exist in being single nor preparing ourselves for a healthy relationship.

That paragraph essentially says it all. When you are playing your options, you are literally toying with people’s emotions trying to make multiple people fall in love with you only for you to drop the options you don’t like when you feel it’s time to start dating. I personally never used to know this was something that needed to be called out until recent experience and episode 6 of Not Really Radio.

However, now that I know that it is a thing. I am here to try and convince people to be better than that. This is sadly an issue across all genders. It is not something one can point their fingers and say men are trash about. This is a people issue.

Let me let the podcast episode explain what I am trying to say. At the time of recording, I was in a very different space in life. I have over thought what I said, I have wondered whether I should even release this podcast at all. However, after hearing some recent stories and understanding my own experiences more, I have become convinced this is a conversation that needs to be had and heard. Let us put everything in the light and then discuss whether we feel it is right or wrong.