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Alexandria Procter the Co-founder and CEO of DigsConnect chats to Matt on Outcome.

Where to start… 

Alexandria Procter (@alexandriaproctor_) as a human being, is a single vibration of positive energy that is shooting through the universe at a million miles an hour! With her contagious energy sweeping the room, I got the privilege of being whipped up into it whilst spending an afternoon getting to know Alex and her journey through life so far. 

Alexandria Procter Portrait for the outcome podcast

What makes this introduction so interesting you might ask? Well Alex, as described in her LinkedIn bio, is the Galactic Overlord, Commander in Chief, Supreme Spiritual Tribal Visionary, Design Guru, Innovation Rocketlauncher, Troublemaking Trailblazer, Ninja of Strategy, Production Sherpa and Creator of Stokeness and General Good Vibes’r of DigsConnect, South Africa’s Largest Student Accommodation Marketplace. 

A giant fluffy feather in the cap of the DigsConnect team as they have collected numerous accolades over the last two years. Something which we unpack more in our chat of course!

Text that reads: South Africa's Largest Student Accomdation Marketplace - Digsconnect

To name a few of their marketing endeavours the country has been witness to in the last two years: Alex and her team have dropped R10,000 off a roof at UCT, raced 2.2m dinosaurs along Jammie Plaza, bought 10,000 rolls of branded toilet paper, been interviewed on Cape Talk 702, they were announced as one of the Top Five Most Exciting Startups in Cape Town in 2019 with over 600 nominations, and helped thousands of students find a home – this is a team you want to get to know!

From adolescent mischief to inspiring entrepreneur, this is one interview you don’t want to miss on the 6th episode of Outcome.