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At Long Last The Next Episode of Not Really Radio – EP. 7 “Shoutout to the MCU”

I am going to be honest, I have not written a blog or released an episode of my podcast in far too long. Fortunately, people have wanted an episode of Not Really Radio. So we finally made one dubbed, “Shoutout to the MCU”.

Quite a few weeks ago, Miv came through to the studio (my flat) and with him he brought his flat mate Buhle Fadana A.K.A Fadz. Fadz joined because we have embarked on what we are calling Not Really Radio Tour.

The basic idea is that we are going to have people on the podcast to chat about whatever, whenever and whereever. Okay not quite whenever because Miv and I have full-time jobs but you know what I mean. We want to chat to a variety of people on different topics. We’re hoping to talk about ideas from anyone and everyone.

In this episode we chatted about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A realm of expertise for Fadz and well, me too. We broke down what in the world happened with Spiderman, my prediction was correct. You have to listen to see exactly what that was. We explained some of how we got to Thanos. Miv and I had a small debate and masculinity and Thanos. There was also a sidebar about The Fast and Furious franchise. We then also looked at where the MCU is going in the future.

If you don’t understand the MCU, don’t stress this episode breaks that whole thing down for everyone to understand. If you do understand it, you may enjoy this episode even more, so either way come through. Give episode 7, “Shoutout the MCU” a listen!

Just before you do, here is a joyful clip of Fadz auditioning for the Springboks:

Yes I am taking advantage of Fadz’s twitter clout and this is the longest episode of the podcast so far, so I am hoping it was worth the wait!

The first episode of the Not Really Radio Tour.