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“Dude, breakdown your lockdown situation” – Episode 10 of Not Really Radio

Miv and I have been wanting to record another episode of Not Really Radio for a while now. With everything going on in the world it was rather challenging. Despite those challenges, we devised a plan.

We recorded a remote podcast. As you can imagine, the first half an hour of trying to record was made up of working out if the call was working and the best way to actually record our conversation.

We settled on google hangouts. I recorded what I was saying on my side. He recorded himself on his side and sent me the audio. Then I collated the two sound clips. Guess what? Somehow, I think the audio came out really well.

We used the sound program that we always use, Audacity. The more I work with it, the more I realise how amazing the software is considering that it’s free.

All I had to do was make a few tweaks here and there to come out with an episode that sounds pretty good.

What is the episode actually about?

A few topics, firstly Miv asked me what I am planning to do for my wedding scheduled next month, then we chatted about our lockdown situations, where Corona came from and our remote work setups.

Please do give episode 10 of Not Really Radio a listen: