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Episode 5 of Not Really Radio – “You tweeted something, that I wanted to ask you about.”

Miv tweeted something controversial, that Tyrone decided to chat to him about and see what was he meant. An interesting conversation about human nature, South African history and culture ensued in episode 5 of Not Really Radio.

The tweet discusses how Miv relates to white people as a black man in South Africa.

Now before you turn off and tweet your rage. Listen to the full reasoning behind the tweet and where the rationale comes from in the episode itself. The tweet serves as a start pointing for an important conversation.

When you sit down and really engage with what Miv is saying, one realises he is discussing and thinking about his anothropoligical understanding of the nature of white people. There is also an amazing history lesson to be had from the episode.

Tyrone’s potential rebuttal (if one can even call it that) looks at human nature and if we are born evil or good. An age-old debate.

From there Miv and Tyrone then delve into much of the racial divide that is taking place within South Africa at the moment. It is a conversation that if you lean towards a certain side of the conversation, it may be a difficult listen. However, I would nonetheless encourage you to truly listen either way and engage with the conversation. If you lean to the other side of the conversation it may be a conversation confirming what you already think, or it may challenge some of your preconceived notions about how a conversation like this might look.

Once you have listened to the full episode, comment what you think about the tweet and the conversation? Do you agree or do you think Tyrone and Miv missed something?

The point of these conversations is to make sure a dialogue takes place. Engage in the dialogue in the comments section and let’s have a conversation about episode 5 of Not Really Radio.