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Not Really Radio Tour – Come Through

The year is 2019. It’s been a crazy year for most of us, but something really good that came out of it was the Not Really Radio podcast. Did I just hype my own podcast like that? Yes, yes I did. Don’t worry, Miv is the ideas man, I just edit and upload it. So, I feel like I’m allowed to hype it because of that. One of Miv’s ideas is the Not Really Radio Tour.

We have had a really cool year on the podcast, with some epic conversations. Going forward we are keen to change up the dynamics of the show a little bit. We have a whole episode explaining exactly what that means.

The second episode of the Not Really Radio Tour. Ft. Fadz.

I just realised episode numbers might seem confusing. If so, don’t worry, the above episode is the 8th episode of the show in total and the 2nd Episode of the Not Really Radio Tour. What is the Not Really Radio tour? Well, listen to the episode.

Now that you know what the Not Really Radio tour is. If you want to feature on an episode in the future, just let us know! Tell us what you want to chat about and in 2020 we can make it happen.

In 2020 we are hoping to see Not Really Radio blow up and we want people to be apart of that! So, come through.