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Outcome. Podcast – Introduction Episode

At Over Saturated we like to promote various South African podcasts. Today we are introducing a new podcast we will be featuring on the website. The Outcome. podcast from Matt Schiff. Here he breaks down the idea behind the podcast with the first episode featured.

Outcome’s Intention: 

outcome podcast logo

My intention is to connect with those [guests] who are looking to share their message through stories of experiences highlighting their trials and tribulations; successes; learnings and ideas with their wider community. 

And, with those [listeners] that are craving “something more” in their current stage of life, searching for answers or to simply use as a source of inspiration. The intention of this podcast is to use this space to meet them where they are with a resource bank of tangible tools, that ultimately they could add to their existing toolbox. 

Outcome’s Mission:

Outcome podcast tagline, it's not black & white

My mission is to tighten the gap between Experiential Learning and Mastery.

To contribute to an already existing space to learn. Not just for the sake of consumption, but to learn in a way that has clear application. Michael Gervais encapsulates this through his podcast “Finding Mastery” beautifully, as I paraphrase: “..we want to set the context for how extraordinary people organise their inner life and zoom in underneath to try to get a sense of the mental skills they use to build and refine their craft.”  

I have also included a link to the introduction of the podcast below describing exactly what it’s mission is and what my vision for Outcome. and it’s guests are: