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The Founders of JOBJACK Interviewed on the Outcome Podcast

Launched in 2018, JOBJACK was created as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. The co-founders, Christiaan van den Berg and Heine Bellingan, realised after organising waitering jobs for friends and family, that there was a need for a singular platform where job seekers could find available positions.

JOBJACK is a marketplace for entry-level positions, focusing on posting jobs that require no tertiary education. By staying up to date with technology their team had created an easy to use platform for users to register, creating a JOBJACK CV and giving them free access to apply for positions in their area.  Companies have the same option to register on the JOBJACK platform and post their available positions – giving them access to reliable and relevant candidates.

Their team’s hard work, mission and vision to “employ the world” is testimony to the kind of accolades they have been recognised with up to this point in their existence, with two superb nominations as well as a feature on eNCA sharing their message. 

Christiaan van den Berg and Heine Bellingan the founders of JOBJACK

Christiaan van den Berg


Heine Bellingan

Jobjack is the marketplace for entry-level jobs, written in text

Nominated as finalists for the Disruptive Innovation Category Award on

Heine (and JOBJACK) was also nominated for the Top 35 under 35 SAICA Award in August 2019 

My ask to you with this episode is this, if you know of any job seekers in the market, please direct them to this recording to gain a bit more insight into how JOBJACK operates as well as to the resources included below to assist them in their search. I could not imagine a more user-friendly company and platform to help in this regard!