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Outcome. hosts the team from Future Females

Future Females is a movement that exists to connect, inspire and support current and aspiring female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – to rapidly increase the number of female entrepreneurs and to increase their success.

It is a remarkable platform that provides an environment digitally, physically and emotionally, where women [and men] can connect with each other and access the resources they need to succeed. 

The Future females team

The Future Females movement was founded by Lauren Dallas and Cerina Bezuidenhout in August 2017, and has grown to over 60 contributors, 3,000 global members and 26 cities around the world – watch out for this global domination! 

During this terrific edition on the Outcome. Podcast I was joined by the extraordinary Flora Fontes (Marketing Manager) and Sasha Zakharova (Programme Manager). During our conversation (I was quite nervous to be honest – haha!) we unpacked the Future Females movement from how Lauren and her team found their niche in the world of entrepreneurship and how the movement engages with their community to create safe spaces for women globally, opening up a place where each individual can feel vulnerable, give and receive feedback and share wins and losses alike. 

We also dove a little deeper into the psychological frameworks behind women in entrepreneurship and what some of the often recurring limiting (mental and physical) factors were experienced by these individuals. That being said, this episode was not recorded to only highlight the struggles. Inversely, Flora and Sash provided some great information on how in over a few years their content, business school, mentorship programme and events are used to combat the above factors. 

This episode was unashamedly a massive milestone for me to record on the podcast, for which I would like to thank the Future Females team!