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The Latest Lockdown Episodes of Not Really Radio

Lockdown has been tough on all of us. For Not Really Radio though, it hasn’t been as tough as expected. We have been able to create more episodes in a shorter amount of time than usual.

This is thanks to a few tools. Google Hangouts, Audacity and Samson Go Mics (If you’re looking for a USB Microphone, there are a few other options). Are we waiting for cheques from them for me promoting our tools here? No, they haven’t offered us cheques but nonetheless, I thought I should promote them. Why? Well, because I want us to be one of the few podcasts that promote a video calling platform other than Zoom.

Despite all of this, I haven’t put the latest lockdown episodes of Not Really Radio on Over Saturated. I thought I should correct those wrongs today.

Episode 10 of Not Really Radio

The first episode you may have missed is episode 10. It has myself and Miv chatting about our different lockdown setups. Miv, gets into how he made sure to stock up fully on alcohol and stay working. I get into going to my parents for the duration of lockdown, what was happening with work and our wine situation.

Episode 11 of Not Really Radio

The next episode has Miv and a podcast guest Siya chat about reality TV and dating shows. They chat about the Bachelor, Love is Blind and more. I personally think this might be one of the funniest episodes we’ve had. But don’t tell Miv that:

Episode 12 of Not Really Radio

The final episode I want to bring to you, just dropped. Miv and I chat about money in relationships. A strangely controversial topic. To be honest for the most part Miv and I find ourselves astonished at some attitudes towards money in relationships. Both being firm believers in equal financial contribution, we find ourselves perpetually shocked by many tweets about broke boi’s. Let us know what you think.