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First Episode of Onesies by Fadz – Girl With The Tattoo

It has brought me great pleasure to finally be able to bring this channel to life. The very long and excruciating 4 year wait made it all worth it. I’m glad to present to you Onesies By Fadz.

To some extent I’ve always known I wanted to do this kind of work, comedy, entertainment and of course animation. I have always been a very keen artist since an early age, before my first year in varsity I was quite oblivious to world of vloggers and “YouTube channels”. It wasn’t until I came across Sibu Mpanza’s channel (during its very early stages) that he made me aware of the likes of Casey Neistat and Casper Lee. For the longest time I thought that was what I wanted to do.

It wasn’t until one faithful day in 2016 I came across this really amazing channel called “Domics”, this dude was a great story teller, he was funny AND he freaking drew moving pictures! This was the bug that bit me. I draw tons of inspiration from him and many other YouTubers like Swoozie and The Sea Rabbit just to mention two.

I began doing research on how I could start my own animated YouTube channel and boy let me tell you it was not easy. First I had to gather the few coins I had in order to buy the equipment I needed to get started, after which I had to get the necessary software and actually teach myself 2D animation. What I thought would be a 2-week tutorial turned into a four year journey which has brought us here today, my first Onesies By Fadz, dare I say, masterpiece. *smirk, smirk*

This channel will largely be based on certain life experiences which happen to be comedic without me even trying to make them that way. Luckily for me I have a lot of those and I can’t wait to share them with you. As for the name Onesies, there’s absolutely no back story there, it was cold, I really wanted to own a onesie, I just happened to be sitting at my desk notepad in hand designing for this channel and I thought “hey, that’s a very cute name”. To be honest, I honestly cannot dig deeper than that and yeah, totally not a back story…