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Man Don’t Dance – Latest video from Onesies by Fadz

In my latest video we tackle the age old question “should a man dance in the club?”

Spoiler alert, you probably shouldn’t, it could literally break you. 

Lockdown hasn’t really afforded me any time on my own but with industries slowly opening up again I’ve had a few days to myself in the house. It made me recall a time in 2014 when I would be alone a lot and my lounge turned into a bit of a dance studio. I’d practice the last bit of choreography from Chris Brown’s “Loyal” music video. 

I had that dance routine down to a T! It became a party trick of some sorts and if I was inebriated enough (which was not a rare occurrence at the time) best believe I’d whip it out at some point, mostly at nightclubs…no, exclusively at nightclubs! Although in today’s day and age, well at least in my personal experience, it is frowned upon for men to be dancing in the club (remember, the aim is not to sweat) I feel as though my knowledge of the “Loyal” dance choreography gave me a free pass.

So in an attempt to “retire” the dance routine, I’d do it one last time and I literally popped my knee cap and fell right in the middle of the dance floor! Probably my most embarrassing moment to date. Now I’ve been forced to two-stepping only, beer in hand of course. 

I know most of us are isolated in our homes during this pandemic but please try not to be alone long enough to learn a Chris Brown dance routine that could literally break you.

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