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Maximising on limited resources

In South Africa we are lucky to have different extremes with the resources that we have in sport. A large part of our society does not have the resources that they need to be successful and a small elite part of our society have a lot of resources that other countries do not have.

The one place where we really have a lot of resources is in our talent pool. One of the reasons why we complain about our nationals teams and their performances is because we know that we have the talent to dominate in Africa and also be extremely successful in the rest of the world but often we fall short.

Many schools and coaches complain that they do not have the resources to be competitive with other schools in the country and there is a general thought that the Jones have more than me so they are better than me. Is that true or is it just something that we like to hide behind?

I spoke to Shane Burger, ex Lions and KZN Inland cricketer and the current Scotland coach about how he uses his resources in Scotland and how does he expect to be successful with his limited resources.