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The First Over Saturated YouTube video

I have been trying to figure out how to start the YouTube channel for Over Saturated. It has always been a part of the plan for the platform. Naturally, I wanted it to be more of a publication YouTube channel, and something that is not just videos of me doing generic YouTuber things. I finally figured it out, and here is how I created our first YouTube video.

The channel was created close to the start of the year with the intention of using it as an extra marketing tool. I also wanted to develop in a way that was aligned with my vision for a channel. Nothing happened with it, and then the pandemic hit, so I wasn’t too sure how to go about it.

I spent time thinking about it, and as per usual kept watching YouTube videos. I started really enjoying content from a channel called Jenkem. Don’t google what that name means – they make good content for skaters, that’s what matters.

Most of their videos are low-production day in the life style videos, and I love it. It is weirdly authentic and far more entertaining than one might expect. It is also different to most of YouTube. With what Over Saturated is all about a similar style felt right. So I thought, let me give that a try and at least start the channel.

Launch of the New Over Saturated – Day in the Life

Here is the first Youtube video, a documentary style video following myself (Tyrone Fisher) on the 1st of July as I launched the new Over Saturated.

Exactly a year after I published the first blog post on the website. I documented my day to publishing the new platform. In it I detailed the inspiration behind the idea and how it has developed from being a normal blog website to being a user-generated content platform.

The hope is to make more documentary ‘day in the life’ style videos with African content creators. If you want to be apart of that and the platform, join the platform as a contributor and let us know.