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Transformation in School Boy Rugby and Failed Recording

On the windiest weekend of the year, we decided to go ahead and record a new episode of the Not Really Radio Tour. Guess what happened? We recorded a full episode, with an incredibly important discussion on transformation in school boy rugby, and during the process lost the recording.

We had gathered a panel of experts on the topic. Masters graduate, Mihlali Thsikila and journalist, Kamva Somdyala. We were gathered to discuss the topic of Mihlali’s thesis on Transformation in sport at all boys schools focusing on Rugby. The conversation was enlightening and helpful. It was a conversation we felt needed to get out there, but a lost recording created a problem.

Fortunately, we had filmed the whole conversation on my phone. On top of that I have a website that I can release stuff on, without worrying too much about the quality. After a lot of debate trying to convince Miv that the video had to get out there, we decided we would put the video on my website.

Before we get into the video, here is the episode we did get recorded with Mihlali and Kamva. That conversation ended up getting really interesting. We discussed Mihlali’s thesis on transformation in School boy rugby, the need for academic thought to get out to the public as well as the need for representation in professional environments. 

Episode 9 of Not Really Radio

The creation of the video was a lot harder than it should have been. Editing the sound took at least a week. Just editing the video slightly took another week. Then add a few extra setbacks to that. Despite those, at long last after almost a month of working on it. We have our conversation with Mihlali and Kamva on Transformation in South African school boy rugby live.

Our Conversation on Transformation in South African School Boy Rugby

After watching the video let us know your thoughts, what has your experience of transformation been? Have you seen it done well? Or have you sen a complete lack of it in your environments? Or how do you think transformation should be done?